Mount Baker Vapor – Hawk Sauce

Mount Baker Vapor Hawk Sauce

Mount Baker Vapor – Hawk Sauce

For the last couple of days I have been testing out the Mount Baker Vapor “Hawk Sauce” and I have to admit, I have been pleasantly surprised. I am not usually a menthol or mint guy but I am really enjoying this flavor.

Mix and Nicotine Level

For this review our sample of Hawk Sauce is a PG 65% VG 35% mix. Our nicotine level is 12mg and there is 1 extra flavor shot added to the mix. The juice was mixed on 5/30/13.



The Hawk Sauce offers a nice blend of fruit and berries combined with a nice menthol kick. This mix has a nice pronounced flavor which offers a good punch of taste without being overbearing. My hat off to the folks at Mount Baker, they have managed to push this flavor profile right up to the edge without going over the top. Even for a guy that is not a menthol fan I can easily see this as being a flavor that makes it into my regular rotation.

Throat Hit

This juice offers a nice throat hit. It is solid but very mellow at 12mg. It would be my guess that the coolness that is contributed from the menthol give us a solid hit without getting to harsh or scratchy.


There are multiple factors that can affect vapor production. Your results will vary based on if you using a cartomizer, clearomizer, or dripping. Your personal experience may vary. For our testing we used a Smok ReDux (CE5) single coil cartomizer and an Innokin iClear30 dual coil clearomizer.

Smok ReDux Vapor Results

We tested the ReDux at 3.8 volts and the Hawk Sauce produced a fair amount of vapor. Not a huge amount, but even with the loose draw of the ReDux we still got a nice hit and enjoyable amount of vapor. With a 35% VG mix I was expecting a little more vapor but I would contribute that to the ReDux more than the juice.

Innokin iClear30 Vapor Results

Our first test with iClear30 was at 3.8 volts and produced a healthy cloud of vapor that was more of what we were expecting for this juice. Our second test using the iClear30 at 4.4 volts and holy crap! big fluffy clouds! We definitely got a nice solid pull with this juice, very enjoyable!


We found the Hawk Sauce to be a very enjoyable vape. For me personally, I couldn’t see this as one of my all day vapes, but I will definitely keep it in my rotation of on-hand juices. One of my buddies that tested this juice loved it and said this is going to be one of his all day vapes. This is one of those juices that is a nice refreshing change of pace. Smooth with cool tones, I think this is worth trying out.

I was very surprised when I saw that this juice was mixed on 5/30/13 which was the same day I placed the order. When Mount Baker Vapor says that their juices are mixed fresh that is no b.s. they are mixed to order. There can be a bit of a downside to being this fresh, some juices need a little time to steep so that you get the full flavor out of the juice. I can tell you that in a span of 4 days we saw the flavor begin to become more pronounced. So please understand this is not a bottle of juice that has been sitting on the shelf for weeks. This is about as fresh as the juice can get.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. For $5.99 for a 15ml bottle The Mount Baker Vapor Hawk Sauce is a great bang for the buck.

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Our Full Disclosure

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