Kangertech Subtank for Cheap!

Get you Kangertech Subtank for $29.95 while the deal lasts!       This is the full size Subtank with the rebuildable deck for $29.95 which is dirt cheap. This tank is a great performer and worth adding to your line up. Stop wasting your time and get one now.             —> Get your Subtank <—                                

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Big Heart Flavors – Strawpeary Doo

I have been puffing on Big Heart Flavors “Strawpeary Doo” from HotVapes.com which was part of my Zamplebox shipment, and after trying the 555 I can say that I had my doubts about trying this flavor. I will say that Strawpeary Doo ended up being a a pleasant surprise and I am happy that I tried this flavor. I think this is one that most people will enjoy. It offer a sweet but not over the top flavor with a nice finish. This is one that you can puff on all day long.   Mix and Nicotine Level For this review our […]

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Rocket Fuel – Strawberry Fields

Rocketfuel – Strawberry Fields  Recently I have been puffing on Rocketfuel’s “Strawberry Fields”  and I am have to say yummy! Rocketfuel has done a great job with this flavor. Not just is the flavor solid with this juice, it produces a nice fragrance that had a lot of people stopping next to me to ask “what is that? It smells delicous!”   Mix and Nicotine Level For this review our sample of Strawberry Fields came in a 70/30 PG/VG blend. Our nicotine level is 6mg. The bottle was a 10ml bottle.   Flavor Rocketfuel’s website describes Strawberry Fields as “ripe […]

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Big Heart Flavors – 555 “House Blend”

Big Heart Flavors – 555 House Blend I have been testing out the Big Heart Flavors “555 House Blend” from HotVapes.com and I am on the fence with this flavor. Overall the flavor isn’t bad it just doesn’t have that wow factor for me. Mix and Nicotine Level For this review our sample of 555 house blend came in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio mix. Our nicotine level is 6mg. The bottle was a 17ml sized bottle.   Flavor The 555 House Blend is a lighter twist on the traditional 555 tobacco flavor. It also has a flavor profile that is […]

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Fasttech Reviews AKA the Chinese clone war

[jwplayer mediaid=”283″]   Hey All, It’s been a while while but it is time to kick off some more reviews! With the Lunar New Year approaching we thought it would be fun (and a good excuse) to spend a few bucks over at Fasttech.com and do some reviews.   So stay tuned as we take a look at a number of mods, attys, and other random crap we picked up as an impulse buy at Fasttech.  

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!   I’m sorry the site has been slow over the last few months. The end of 2013 has been a busy one. I was hoping to get more reviews up but as they say “Men make plans and God laughs.” Between work, school, and family life has been crazy. My thesis paper ended up taking longer than expected but it felt really good to write a paper on electronic cigarettes as a form of harm reduction therapy. What I thought was even cooler was that my paper was posted in one of our learning communities and I […]


Freakin’ Windows 8.1

Not much to say other than the latest windows 8.1 update is causing me a ton of grief at the moment. We will have some more updates as soon as I fix what the update broke…


Vapetoberfest here we come

We are on the road to Vapetoberfest in Long Beach! It looks like a bit of a smaller venue but good things come in small packages right? Hope to see you all soon.   ~Reeko


Captivape DS90

I have always seemed to have a preference for metal drip tips versus plastic as you may have noticed by the regular spotting of my Freudian Tip in many of my reviews. While attending Vegas Vapefest I was visiting the guys from The Vapor Hut and I spotted these sleek stainless drip tips. One of the first things that I noticed it that the diameter of the tip was fairly thin and I was concerned that the draw might be a little to tight. After talking with the guys at the booth I was reassured that “this tip handles like a […]

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Where did the last month go?!?

It has been an absolutely crazy 30 days. It seems like just yesterday I was in Las Vegas for Vegas Vapefest and I started putting together drafts for some new reviews and I turn around and a month has passed. Crazy and I didn’t have a chance to put up any new reviews yet! So, here’s the plan I am going to try to get some updates posted tomorrow but the only challenge is that Vapetoberfest in Long Beach is this weekend! Ugh the life of a blogger =). Hang in there and I promise we will have some fun reviews […]

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